The 2015 Market Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Jobs

  • Posted by: Chaloner

The Forecast

The reports are coming in and most polls suggest a healthy job market for the year ahead. CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast suggests that more than one third of employers plan to add full-time, permanent employees in 2015; the best outlook since 2006. And, there’s good news for skilled public relations professionals and marketers especially. Salesforce reports that 70 percent of the 5,000 marketers they polled plan to boost social media ad spend. MSN named “Marketing Executive” as one of the top ten best jobs for 2015, citing the gap between postings and hires at 22,9996.

This will be the year that companies who have held out on bringing in digital talent may finally get in the game. Mel Carson, founder of Delightful Communications, told Forbes, “Business will finally wake up to the fact that social media and mobile marketing are no longer new phenomena and should be integrated right at the start of any marketing campaign or inbound initiative.”

What It Means For Job-Seekers

All this is to say it’s a not a bad time to be on the hunt. But you’re not alone. A survey by career management experts Right Management says that 86% of workers in North America plan to actively look for a new job this year. The Monday after New Years is starting to be known as “Job Hunt Monday” as job posting websites report steep increases in visits this January. So, though jobs are on the rise, candidates must present a well-rounded package to be competitive.

Reid Carr, CEP of Red Door Interactive suggests, “Soon to be gone are the days when marketers thought that digital was ‘online’ and traditional was ‘offline’ and never the twain shall meet. . . Brands are looking for senior marketers who have a digital first mentality (because they live to measure) but can operate in the larger world of marketing.” He goes on to encourage candidates with different kinds of experience to apply to high level marketing roles. And it’s not a bad idea to broaden your scope. As they fight for top talent, employers might be more willing to hire outside the industry.

What It Means For Talent-Seekers

While reports suggest the new year will bring a 3% median base salary increase , marketing and media roles won’t necessarily see much of a pay bump. If you can’t offer a more competitive salary, think outside the box to make your package more attractive. Magoosh offers vacation time whenever it’s requested. Dropbox provides haircuts. Google is dog-friendly. Red Ventures has a putting green on site. What forms of creative compensation can you use to win talent?

With top senior executives in high demand this year, consider investing in young leaders. Only 33% of global companies say that hiring young professionals is central to their acquisition strategy. Groom the talent you want to take the helm someday. See here for more on how to recruit, and retain, young talent.