Chaloner has a long history of communications executive search. We stand behind our placements and have an excellent completion record. Our team has many years of executive search and communications experience. We provide impeccable client service and are highly efficient and fun to work with.


Amy Segelin


Amy joined Chaloner in 2001 as the company’s first-ever project manager, and was quickly promoted to recruiter. In 2004, she relocated to New York and established the company’s second location. She was President of the firm for seven years and eventually became co-owner.

Today, as Partner, she co-leads the mission driven practice, oversees the operations of Chaloner, builds business and works on national searches in all industries. She has a strong focus on philanthropy, non-profit and mission driven organizations. Amy graduated from St. Lawrence University, and before joining Chaloner, she worked for global retailer Talbots. Actively involved with several charities, she often speaks at communications and recruitment industry events. Amy lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three children.


Greatest accomplishments: Daily: Sitting down to dinner; In life: my three children.
Favorite place I’ve traveled: Toss up- Malpais, Costa Rica or Singapore.
Hidden Talent: I am a great pillow and blanket fort builder.
A tour of the neighborhood I work in would include: A cafe mocha from Balthazar, a stop by The Deitch Wall, and a spin through Bloomingdales.
Talent I wish I had: Floral Arranging.

Larry Brantley


Larry Brantley has more than 30 years of experience in the communications, marketing and advertising fields. One of his first key jobs was as a packaging designer at Frito-Lay where he developed his networking and people skills. He eventually started the first creative staffing firm in the DFW area.

Since then he has been involved in recruiting and placement of industry professionals both nationally and internationally.

Larry has worked with such firms as JCPenney, HP, EDS, Texas Instruments, Lord&Taylor, Sears, TracyLocke, Ryan Partnership, ConocoPhillips, Frito-Lay and Alcone Marketing. He has placed brand, creative, account service, interactive/web, public relations, marketing, media, traffic, production and other executive level talent.

Larry has been interviewed as a staffing industry expert by The Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, PROMO Magazine, Communication Arts Magazine, Dallas Men Magazine, The Dallas Business Journal and The Houston Business Journal. He is an award-winning designer through IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) and is an active member of AAF (American Advertising Federation) where he serves as a part of the executive leadership for one of its largest districts.

He currently splits his time between Dallas and NYC. He has 3 sons.


Greatest accomplishment: My 3 sons.
Best advice I’ve ever received: Don’t sweat the little stuff. In the big picture, it’s all little stuff.
Recipe you know by heart: My seafood gumbo.
People would be surprised to know: I am an identical twin.
My fantasy dinner guests: Cher, Leonardo DaVinci, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton, Abraham Lincoln and Steve Jobs.
Favorite place I’ve travelled: Ireland.


Jenn Saldarelli

Vice President

Jenn is a vice president at Chaloner and brings over fifteen years of recruiting experience to her role. She began her career at Chaloner in Boston and later played a key role in establishing our New York City office in 2007.

Over the years she has partnered with large corporate brands, mission-driven organizations, and PR/Communications consultancies of all sizes to identify and place top communications and marketing talent. She has worked across sectors including healthcare, consumer, financial services, technology and non-profit.

More recently Jenn has worked most closely with our client partners in the greater Washington, DC area, although she continues to lead searches across the country. A Massachusetts native, Jenn graduated from The College of the Holy Cross with a degree in art history. She resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband and two young children.


Best advice: “Park wisely” – my dad’s favorite pearl of wisdom.
If I weren’t a recruiter I’d be: A producer on The Today Show.
If I could have any superpower it would be: The ability to make my kids fall asleep on command. No more sips of water or "one last book!"
Best thing about Chaloner/being a recruiter: When you meet a candidate and just know your client will love them.
People would be surprised to know I: Produced two of my husband’s plays at the New York International Fringe Festival.


Beth Kitzinger

Vice President

Beth Kitzinger joined Chaloner in 2017 as Vice President, managing national searches in all industries with a focus on mission-driven and philanthropic organizations. Her nearly 25 years as a practitioner, strategist, operations/HR head and agency leader in the communications industry make her well-suited as a recruiter in the industry.

As co-lead of the mission-driven practice at Chaloner, Beth has worked with numerous non-profits, foundations, public affairs firms and public-private partnerships addressing some of the largest and most urgent issues facing our country and planet.


Greatest accomplishments: My children and independently installing an entire Elfa closet system in my master bedroom closet.
Best advice I’ve ever received: “Be sure you are ready for the answer before you ask the question.”
If I wasn’t a recruiter, I would be: The owner of a very cool kids/tween/teen clothing store.
Recipe you know by heart: My great grandma’s German Chocolate cake.
Talent I wish I had: I wish I could sing. I’m in awe and jealous of people who can just open their mouths and have in-tune, harmonious beautiful music come out.
Favorite place I’ve travelled: Barcelona, Spain or Harbour Island, Bahamas.

IMG_1379 (1)

Dayna Braun

Senior Associate

Dayna is an accomplished marketing strategist and sales leader with enterprise-wide initiatives that drive brand value and accelerate profitable growth. Dayna started her recruiting career, placing temporary candidates and made the shift to marketing and creative executive placements, which is where she found her niche.

For over eight years, Dayna spent her time running the west coast for Paladin Marketing Resources, which specializes in placing mid-senior level marketing, creative and advertising candidates—skilled at leveraging marketing talents to create strategy and execute change. Dayna is skilled at building relationships with external partners and internal teams to execute vision from ideation to results.

Over the past two years, Dayna has consulted various media companies with the development and execution of initiatives that generate new revenue streams as well as maximize their existing programs. Before that, Dayna spent over five years as the Director of Sales at the Dallas Morning News, managing the Recruitment Marketing team. She is experienced on both the brand and publisher sides, covering advertising, content, recruitment, digital marketing, and more.

Dayna and her husband Jonathan, live in Dallas, Texas, with their twin boys.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?: The best advice I ever received was from my grandfather. He told me “no matter what you do in life, always, always lead with integrity and be truthful in your intentions.” You represent yourself before you represent anyone else, and people will ALWAYS remember how you interacted with them.
I can never leave home without: My lipstick and Phone.
My favorite concert was: Was and will always be Dave Matthews!
What is a recipe you know by heart: My grandmother’s lasagna recipe.
My first concert was: The Beach Boys (that dates me).


Tina Dugas

Senior Associate

Tina Dugas is a native New Yorker who discovered a passion for PR in college, and then honed her skills within PR agency, non-profit and corporate settings. She later transitioned to recruiting for the industry, working with local boutique firms to national companies, and partnering with leadership and teams across the country. She's now a resident and fan of the Windy City.

Tina supports other PR and communications professionals in her career as a recruiter, where she helps candidates to identify and secure new opportunities across the country, among clients that include Fortune corporations, agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Throughout her career, Tina has supported organizations such as PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) and BPRS (the Black PR Society), and she proudly serves the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) on the Midwest Region Scholarship Selection Committee. She is a regular participant in DePaul University’s PR curriculum activities, and she volunteers her time helping students, budding professionals, and seasoned executives to fine-tune their resumes and interview skills.


Guilty pleasure: Butter pecan ice cream and Sorachi Ace beer made by the Brooklyn Brewery.
People would be surprised to know: I’m from New York City because I don't carry an expected accent...until I utter the word "door" (which has 2 syllables in my world), or I get excited.
Hidden talent: I’m a classically trained pianist, but along the way, I also learned to play the accordion, flute, guitar, violin, and the xylophone!
If I wasn't a recruiter: I’d be a veterinarian or would live and work in an animal sanctuary since I've always loved owning and caring for birds, reptiles, dogs, cats and much more!
My first job: From college was working for a small PR firm where my first client was a pet product association, and I became their first Director of the Pet Information Bureau.
Best thing about being a recruiter: Being able to channel a passion for matchmaking by helping people of all ages connect to fulfilling jobs. And of course, being able to meet so many new and interesting people every day is icing on the cake!


Jocelyn Hecht

Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate, Jocelyn Hecht brings more than 25 years of both recruitment and public relations experience to Chaloner. Jocelyn has established long-term partnerships with many clients across the country, representing Fortune 500 companies, top global PR agencies, and start-up companies ranging in size.

She has worked across industries, including consumer, financial services, healthcare, higher education, and non-profit to identify top communications and PR talent.

Prior to recruiting, Jocelyn began her career with two of Chicago's premier agencies; Edelman Public Relations and Wunderman Chicago, where she served in a client service capacity. Jocelyn received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. A native Bostonian, Jocelyn now lives in the Chicago area with her husband, two sons, and three year-old goldendoodle.


I can never leave the home without: Burt’s Bees chapstick, my phone, and my sunglasses.
What is a talent you wish you had?: I wish I could bake as well as my grandfather. He founded a bakery in Boston (still in existence today!) that makes the most amazing challah, half moon cookies, and other things. While I have all the recipes, they are in huge quantities and written in Yiddish so it’s nearly impossible to replicate at home!
If I wasn't a recruiter, I'd be: Either a baker or a Boston tour guide. Or maybe a tour guide of Boston bakeries.
What is a recipe you know by heart?: My great Aunt Charlotte’s noodle kugel. It’s from the “old” country and it’s fabulous. It’s completely different than any other kind of kugel anyone has ever had before and I’m always asked for the recipe.
People would be surprised to know I: As the granddaughter of a baker, I don’t particularly like chocolate and, unrelated, I was a synchronized swimmer in high school.
What was your first job?: At 13, I was a counselor-in-training at Jay’s Camp, a day camp just outside of Chicago. I was having the summer of my life with the kids until one little girl gave me chicken pox and then I was home in bed for the rest of the summer!


Aaron Bonner

Senior Project Manager

Upon graduation from The Pennsylvania State University, Aaron began his career as a music industry professional in the Greater Philadelphia area and then New York City. Aaron joined Chaloner in 2016 where he serves as Senior Project Manager.

He enjoys a good cup of coffee, loves college football and is a happy resident of Brooklyn with his fiancé and dog, Macie.


Talent I wish I had: Piano!
The best thing I ever ate: Anything from Lure Fishbar in Soho.
A snapshot of your bucket list: Travel to every continent (minus Antarctica!) with my fiancé.
What can you never have too much of: Love from a dog.
Favorite place I’ve travelled: Ireland, a surprise 30th birthday trip from my fiancé.
People would be surprised to know: My dog has over 20k followers on Instagram. Follow her @littlemaciethecavalier


Nina Angeles

Senior Project Manager

Nina is a Senior Project Manager at Chaloner in the firm's mission-driven practice. As an executive search researcher with direct nonprofit experience in international development, workforce training, and youth development/education, Nina brings in-depth industry knowledge to her role with Chaloner. Previously, Nina was a Senior Research Associate with Koya Partners, where she supported clients working across racial equity, BIPOC media and journalism, social justice, civil rights, and philanthropy.

Nina lives in the greater Boston area where you can find her learning new languages, singing at wedding gigs with her partner, and finding new ways and flavors to enhance her ramen game.


Never leave home without: My headphones. I love listening to music, podcasts, and more music..
If I wasn’t a recruiter, I would be: A teacher or counselor.
What is the best advice you've ever received? Maya Angelou's words on "When you know better, you do better," - though I didn't receive these words of advice directly (I wish!), they've guided me through challenges and mistakes that I look back on as formative, life lessons learned
What song or artist are you currently listening to? Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak who make up Silk Sonic - their sound is magic!
What's a snapshot of your bucket list? Surfing in New Zealand, becoming fluent in 3 languages, and starting a wedding band that gigs out regularly


Tasha Burgess

Assistant Project Manager

Tasha Burgess is a first-generation college graduate from SUNY Oswego in 2020. After testing out some career options, Tasha is eager is to double down on project management as an Associate Project Manager at Chaloner in 2021.

Tasha loves all things fashion and enjoys a yummy home made meal - which she will prepare! Currently residing in New Jersey, Tasha enjoys spending time with family and friends at the beach, catching as much sun as possible.


I can never leave home without: My headphones, chapstick, and a face-mask.
What is a recipe you know by heart? Coconut Curry Chicken Pasta 🙂
What is a talent you wish you had? I wish I could play at least one instrument, I can't play any!
My favorite book is: Beloved by Toni Morrison