• Posted by: Chaloner


Before cell phones and cameras on computers, before LinkedIn and Facebook, before texting with photos and Instagram, most business photos were headshots taken by professional photographers. They were pretty reliable if boring likenesses. They showed up in annual reports, on white papers, on web sites and brochures. You saw them on real estate signs and political posters.

Well, the world has changed. Your photo now can appear in all kinds of places and is expected to accompany your email. New apps that use your photo are being created every day.

I find it particularly useful when meeting someone new at a conference or in a coffee shop to not have to guess which person is the one I’m waiting for.

So, I did some research to get some dos and don’ts about taking selfies.

1) Use natural light. Window light is best and will save you from the harsh tone that overhead artificial lights create.

2) Take your photo from above as to avoid any unflattering angles and subsequent frustration. You want to create as little shadow on the face as possible. Try different angles to see which one looks best and highlights your best features.

3) Take lots of photos. It is awfully hard to get a great shot. Be sure that you have a lot of memory on your cell phone.

4) Look into retouching apps for your mobile device. It’s the primary selfie tool. The photo editing technology for smartphones is getting really good, so an investment of a couple of dollars can erase that blemish on your nose, red in your eye or spot on your collar.

5) Check to see if your phone has a timer. There are some good timer apps that make taking a selfie much, much easier.