Reflecting on Young Women in Digital’s “Digital Savvy” Event

  • Posted by: Chaloner
I had a wonderful time serving as a panelist at Young Women in Digital‘s “How to Show Off Your Digital Savvy” event last week. YWD has grown to over 1,000 members as well as a team of seven administrators including a social media director, event coordinator, blog director, and founder Melanie Cohn who led the event. Attendees ranged from students to professionals with ten years of experience. The group of attendees were impressive: smart driven young women who truly engage in conversation and are there to learn, share, and develop their careers in the digital space. I’ve had many attendees follow up with me after the event, which has been great! For those who weren’t there, I thought I’d share two terrific questions attendees asked at the event.

How do you handle the salary question if a recruiter asks?
If a recruiter inquires about your salary, you should be transparent from the beginning about your base and bonus as well as your salary expectations in your next role. It gives the recruiter the opportunity to set the right expectations for candidates who are going through the interview process. It also allows the recruiter to give the client information prior to an offer so that negotiations, if any, are minimal. If the candidate gets a raise or promotion during the course of the interview process, we want to know about it.

How much additional information should I put on my resume besides jobs and education?
I encouraged this attendee to definitely have a small section dedicated to things such as associations they are a part of, any board membership, volunteer experience, or interests such as the arts, sports or travel. While these details aren’t as important as your skill set, you never know what will catch a hiring manager’s eye. You may have something in common with them which will separate you from the crowd. In addition, it shows that you are a well rounded person who has other interests and gives back!Thanks to YWD for an excellent event! I’ll next be at BIBA’s annual Awards breakfast on October 9!