Reach Your 2016 Hiring Goals

  • Posted by: Chaloner

Happy New Year, and welcome back to The Interview Room! We have exciting things planned for the blog this year as we continue to investigate and celebrate the ins and outs of hiring and job searches. As many of us emerge from the food- and family-haze of the holidays, we think about goals for this year– not just personally, but professionally as well. Chaloner is entering its 37th year of executive communications recruiting and we make it our business to help companies reach their hiring goals by placing exceptional talent across the country. Should an executive search firm be a part of your year? Here’s what a search firm can do for you.

Share the established, find the emerging
It’s a recruiter’s job to have the industry knowledge, interpersonal savvy, and acute attention to detail to identify talent across all levels of experience. One advantage of using a recruiter is the breadth of their connections; for every candidate a recruiter helps place, there are hundreds more they get to know. At Chaloner, our database of nearly 100,000 people tracks the careers of emerging and established players in communications, public relations, and marketing across all industry sectors.

A bigger picture
Your world can feel very small when you’re looking to fill a particular role. A search firm can bring a bigger picture to your search, with knowledge of hiring trends and industry news. From attending events and conferences (as Chaloner did throughout 2015) to seeking out industry information, such as which companies are experiencing restructures, an executive search firm can bring knowledge and experience to a search.

Your perfect candidate may not be looking
At the end of the day, the right person to fill your role may not have applied. No matter how thorough you are, some of the people who fit all your qualifications simply may not be looking. A great recruiter not only has relationships with people who may be right for the role, but also with senior executives who may have referrals, and through these connections can access people who, while not actively looking, may be interested in a job they hadn’t known existed. At Chaloner, it’s not about luring candidates away from their current companies; it’s about making them aware of opportunities that we truly believe they’ll love.

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