On Recruiting Millennials

  • Posted by: Chaloner

Over the years I have had the privilege of meeting and working with some tremendous millennial talent. These young leaders and communicators are highly coveted for their fresh energy, relevance and digital savvy. Of course not every generation X or generation Y candidate is wired the same way, but there are some shared values across this talent pool. Are you cultivating a work environment that they will thrive in? How do you appeal to millennials in the hiring process?

Stress work-life balance.
An annual survey conducted by Universum, a global employer branding consultinng company, found that millennials value work/life balance above all other career goals. Universum President of the Americas, Melissa Murray Bailey, is quick to point out that this is not indicative of laziness or privilege, as some are apt to conclude. “Millennials get a bad stereotype because Gen X-ers and Boomers hear ‘work/life balance’ and think they want to work less. That’s not what it means to them. Control over the number of working hours is not even in the top 50 percent of concerns. What they want is to be more flexible with their time.”

Make room to make a difference.
Generation X applicants especially place high importance on your company’s “contribution to the world.” Be mindful of this mission-driven mentality as you speak to the candidate and frame the work they would doing and the larger function of the organization. Be quick to point out the benefits offered and philanthropic causes that are supported by your company. Social media is a great way to promote millennial employee satisfaction by highlighting opportunities for employees to make a difference at your firm.

Use new technology.
Social media is a fundamental networking tool for this generation. Seek to understand how they use these platforms and gather information. Be aware of your company’s reputation on sites such as glassdoor.com and be prepared to respond accordingly. Explore platforms beyond Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find millennial prospects like newer search engines such as hoojobs.com, The Levo League and mediabistro.com. You can also use social media internally to encourage staff to make referrals and broadcast opportunities to their respective networks.

More than anything else, you will learn about millennials by spending time with them. Take some of the junior staff out to lunch or find opportunities to mentor young professionals in your industry. If you want them to care about your firm, start paying close attention to what they care about.