Making the Most Out of Your Recruiter

  • Posted by: Chaloner

We Can Help!

Although our clients are the companies doing the hiring, we’re often able to help candidates be more successful getting through the hiring process.

I recently interviewed a talented digital communications professional with a marvelously diverse background, including a JD degree from a good law school.  He was warm and friendly and easy to talk to, but I quickly determined that he had no idea how to approach his job search.  This is where we can be a big help.


I helped the candidate visualize his job search. I had him find a job description that matched his dream job; draw a bull’s eye with rings around it (you know – like an archery target) and put that ideal position job in the middle.


Then I had him fill in the rings around the middle with the types of positions that could get him there. Draw a line from job to job and list the connectors on those lines that could potentially lead to each role. I saw relief cross his face. He finally had a plan to follow and left feeling considerably more confident than when he came in.

Making the Most Out of Your Recruiter

It can be a huge advantage in your career if you have a good relationship with a well-respected recruiter. It’s not only a good idea to make sure they know who you are, but also for you to get to know them. Find out how they work and who their clients are.  Figure out how you might help them and ask for their help. At Chaloner, our candidates are communications professionals. Although it’s ideal to know a recruiter who specializes in your field, a really good recruiter in any field should be able to help.