Location, Location, Location!

  • Posted by: Chaloner

At Chaloner, we look through hundreds of resumes. As a candidate, your goal is to create a clear, organized resume that summarizes your skills and work history. You don’t want to do anything that would make your resume hard to read or confusing. One recurring mistake that can create an unnecessary obstacle is not including your current location. Here are some reasons why your location is important information to include on your resume.

Don’t give any reason to get passed over
Depending on the role, the city you live in can be crucial information. Certain roles require candidates with expertise and connections in a certain city. Others are open to relocation. Regardless, you want to make the hiring manager or recruiter’s job as easy as possible by including that information. If you’re on the cusp of being considered but don’t have your location listed on your resume, you might get passed over and not make it in the pile.

It can feel like you’re hiding something
To some hiring managers or recruiters, the absence of a location can seem suspicious. Maybe you didn’t list your location because you’re hoping to relocate or work remotely, or maybe you’re applying to a job in another city and you don’t want them to pass over you because you’re not local– regardless, your location is information that is appropriate to share and important to disclose. The cover letter is an excellent place to explain your situation and disclose any extra information you have about your current location or thoughts on relocation. Think of it this way: it’s going to come up at some point in the process. Why not share that information on your own terms?

Don’t assume it’s obvious
Some candidates assume that the listing of their current job communicates their location, but it’s better to spell it out.  While you don’t have to put your full home address (i.e. New York, NY is sufficient), if you receive an offer from a company, they will need your address to generate offer materials. But don’t assume the person reading your resume will infer your location based on your current job alone. Besides, information about your current commute is interesting to a recruiter, and will be helpful in placing you in a job that’s truly best for you.

The best rule of thumb is to be upfront about information. You can share your location at the top of the resume with your other contact information.