Learning from History, Assessing the Present, Defining the Future

  • Posted by: Chaloner

Like many people across the United States, Chaloner has been watching the events of spring and summer 2020 with sadness and also with hope. We witness violence and injustice rooted in a long history of racism in the United States, but also see collective action towards a better future.

Chaloner is proud to be aligned with organizations working for racial justice. For 40 years, Chaloner has represented and partnered with mission driven, corporate and small businesses across the country. We are honored to support our clients, many of which have elevated lives and created positive paths for all people. We are dedicated to a fair and equitable search process as part of the core fabric of our work.

Today, we wish to acknowledge and spotlight one of our clients that works to improve lives, to drive the conversation forward, and to help define the future. Thank you, Color of Change.

Chaloner will continue to deepen our understanding of racial injustice, participate in the conversations for an equitable world, and work with organizations devoted to a safe, just and better future.

Follow this link to learn more about the incredible work Color of Change is doing: https://colorofchange.org/