In-House Communications Teams of the Future

  • Posted by: Chaloner

The world of public relations and communications has always been fast-paced, but it seems that today the needs of companies are shifting quicker than ever. As companies put more emphasis on digital and mobile capabilities, professionals are also adapting. But what can we expect our needs to be several years from now? In a recent article, PR Week and Electric Airwaves shared results of a survey to show what the in-house communications teams of 2020 will look like.

Experience with both internal and external communications
While roles will remain specialized, the survey showed that hiring needs of the future will require candidates with both internal and external communications experience. 90% of respondents “agree that if you were seeking an in-house communications director role in 2020, you would need to demonstrate direct experience in leading both internal and external communications. It’s great to see that employee engagement is now highly valued and that aligning internal and external communications is a priority.” This may mean that current specialists will want to find professional development opportunities off their normal beaten path to broaden their skills.

Digital is here to stay
This may not come as a surprise, but digital communication is becoming a central part to any in-house communications team. According to Electric Airwaves, “traditional print and broadcast media coverage will be less important for reaching their target audiences in five years’ time than they are today.” This also means more journalists will be out of work and looking to branch into the communications world in the next five years. For those already in the space, important skills extend beyond knowing how to communicate via digital channels; PR and communications professionals will also need to have an understanding of “data and analytics” in order to strategize.

Knowing the direction that in-house teams are moving in is not only helpful when cultivating your own skill set to excel in your job, but also to keep in mind when considering the job market in 2020. Knowing the skills that more junior communications professionals are developing now will help you know how to create a team they can succeed in, and also will help you understand the ways in which the job market will become competitive.