Hiring Rut, Part Four: The Offer Phase

  • Posted by: Chaloner

This is the fourth and final installment of our series on hiring ruts, and we’re nearing the most exciting part of the process. With a well-crafted job description, excellent candidate pool, and revealing interviews behind you, hopefully it’s time for you to extend an offer. However, it’s not time to relax quite yet! Here are some tips to help you finalize your candidate.

In this final stage, make sure you have verified all the information about salary requirements from both ends. This is something you should know up-front and should have been confirming throughout the process to avoid any surprises in the eleventh hour. As your candidate prepares for the possibility of an offer, they may ask you questions about this, so make sure you’re prepared to talk about the position’s salary as well as any bonus, stock, and benefits.

At Chaloner, we love nothing more than to tell a candidate an offer is coming, though there is a special touch when it comes from the hiring manager. Before informing the candidate, make sure you have approval from all necessary parties. Once you tell the candidate, the official offer should come within the week. If you can’t guarantee this, don’t jump the gun!

You may think the interview process is the time where you’ll field the most questions, but that’s not always the case. A candidate may have more questions than they had at earlier points in the process as they more seriously consider what it would mean to fulfill a new role. From career trajectory to the raise and review process to your company’s facilities, it’s important that you’re able to confidently and clearly supply answers to these questions, or if you don’t know, correctly redirect them to someone who does!

With these tips, organization, and patience, hopefully you get the perfect candidate for the role! If it falls through, don’t get discouraged. No matter the position, the size of your company, or the role of HR, any hiring rut can be ended.