Four Reasons Not to Take a Holiday from Your Job Search

  • Posted by: Chaloner

There are many people who will take a break from their job search over the holidays, due to a full calendar of activities or a common belief that hiring doesn’t really happen this time of year. And while it’s true that some hiring managers may be slow to respond, it is a myth that all hiring activity ceases in December. In fact, there are several reasons why it may be strategic to not just continue, but ramp up your search efforts around the holidays.

You Already Have a Routine
If you have been searching for a while, you have likely developed a rhythm and discipline to your efforts. That may mean spending a half hour every morning connecting with people on LinkedIn and reaching out to your network. Perhaps you’ve been meeting with a mentor or sending around your resume for feedback. We all know it is easier to stick to habits than it is to form them (or re-form them) and I would encourage you to maintain these commitments, rather than letting them fall to the wayside until the new year.

Organizations Are Forecasting
With end-of-the-year budgets and new-year planning, companies are assessing their needs and approving new hires. If an employer has just gotten budget approval for a first-quarter hire, they may want someone to start soon after January 1st and it would behoove you to be one of the first resumes across their desk.

Less Competition
Come January, there will be many more resumes in that stack as the new year energy drives  jobseekers to renew their search. But these days? Most people are laying low. If you are in a position to keep up your efforts, your materials might get more attention- or at least, be the first to be processed when employers return from break.

More Networking Opportunities
There are no shortage of opportunities to expand your network this month. You can attend events to make new connections and also keep up your digital networking efforts. Send some quick emails or notes on LinkedIn to wish someone a happy holiday and get back on their radar.

Now, I certainly don’t endorse any open computers around the Christmas tree or phone calls that interrupt familly dinners! I hope you will find some time to relax and enjoy this special season. But if you can make room to continue your job search, it may yield some fruitful leads in the new year.