4 Ways to Keep Your Nerve During an Interview

  • Posted by: Chaloner

Let’s be honest, most people feel nervous in interviews. The key is to channel that energy into something positive. Here are four suggestions for dealing with nerves.

1. Our founder, Ted Chaloner, has observed that nervous candidates tend to ramble, whether in an interview with us or with our clients.  One candidate, in an effort to remedy this, came to her interview with Ted armed with a list of topics to cover. By using this tactic, she seemed very focused, and came across as a prepared, poised candidate; much more likely to be seriously considered. Taking notes during an interview can also be a good way to relieve nervous energy.

2. As any Boy Scout can tell you, it is best to Be Prepared! Practice with a friend or a colleague; have them pepper you with questions you might get asked in an interview; the harder the better. (Check out books about behavioral interview questions) This will not only help you uncover potential gaps in your resume, but also prepare you to answer those tough questions with confidence and style.

3. If no one is around to help prepare, practice in front of a mirror. Telling your story out loud a few times will make you much, much better in the actual interview. Check for posture and for signs of nervousness, such as a quivering lip or a shaking hand.  Check out your breathing technique. These are small but noticeable things that, could become the focal point of an interview.

4. Lastly, check out YouTube for interview suggestions such as the STAR method for interviewing.

Job interviews are stressful, and nerves are natural. The trick is to find out what strategies work best for you.